domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2010

The Mist - The Hangman Tree - 1991

Another Brazilian act with former members from Chakal & Sepultura.
This band started in 1986 in BH under the name of MAYHEM Yeah! before Norge ones), which appeared in Warfare Noise II.
After that, some members of MAYHEM together with Chakal vocalist "KORG" formed THE MIST.
Here I am presented their second album The Hangman Tree which is considered one of the BEST THRASH BRAZILIAN ALBUNS EVER! and still one of the first CD Format released in Brazil, at the year of 1991.
In this recordings, the guitarrist "Cavalão" (RIP) was replaced by Jairo Guedez, (ex-Sepultura guitar man).

1. God of Black and White Images 05:33
2. Scarecrow 04:17
3. Peter Pan Against the World 04:28
4. Falling Into My Inner Abyss 03:56
5. The Hangman Tree - Act One 03:57
6. The Hell Where Angels Live / My Life is an Eternal Dark Room / My Pain 06:37
7. The Hangman Tree - Epilogue 03:42
8. Broken Toys 04:28
9. Leave Me Alone 03:43
10. Toxin Diffusion (Psychic Possessor) 04:28


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